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1 quart round dutch oven?

Does anyone have the 1 quart round dutch oven? I think it’s super cute! but want to know how practical it is. Pictures super helpful too.


  1. superjared

    It’s pretty impractical since it’s just _so tiny_. I love it though because it’s light and fun. I’ve made small batches of rice in it a few times and it always turns out perfectly, but so does a rice cooker lol.

    What sort of photos are you looking for?

  2. yuhuhuhuhuhu

    1 qt is basically the 16 (or 14) cm diameter I suppose? My 18 cm, 1.8 qt DO is capable for making soup for 2. Smaller than that should be only useful for single serving dish – which is fine too! The best LC feature is that you don’t need to plate your dish since LC DO is already beautiful and presentable 🙌🏽

  3. Egoteen

    I have the 1.75 qt saucepan that I absolutely love for things like oatmeal, soups, and side dishes. I can’t imagine any smaller being useful except for single serving dishes, and even then I’d worry about boiling over.

  4. tuffturfnturf

    The old Le Creuset and Cousances #18 oval casseroles with scalloped handles are approx 1qt. It’s perfect for a pot pie for sharing between 2 people.

  5. SoftAlmondTofu

    I have the small staub oval in 15 cm which hold 0,6 L and i use it to boil eggs and make one serving of porridge. Other than that, using it as easy storage for leftovers, quick heating on the stove theen as serving plate as well. Imagine 1 qt, 2 people and small kitchen would love it.
    Not to mention it being cute! For that reason only, you’ll even find its use to justify buying it lol.

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