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5.25 qt Roaster questions.

Would you say it’s an ideal size for lasagna (using store bought dried pasta)?

Has anyone seen one at an outlet recently? If so, what was the sale price you saw?


  1. EpicDeutsch

    I have the 7 qt and it is GIANT, so I think the 5.25 would be a good size for lasagna or for other things like whole chickens.
    I would look on FB marketplace for new ones like this one:
    I got my first couple of pieces from FB from someone who had no idea of their value, but definitely be careful. If there’s an outlet in your town, you can always call them. I’ve done it to check out their sales since it’s about an hour away from my city.

  2. dealsme15

    I purchased the 5.25qt classic roaster at an outlet 40% off for $138 and the nonstick V rack 40% off for $20, which fits perfectly inside the roaster. I use it to roast turkey breasts and Prime Rib. For chickens I use the bottom of my 3.25 quart braiser, I preheat it and then put the whole chicken in the brasier with no rack no lid and that helps to accelerate the cooking of the dark meat so that it gets done before the breast dries out. The shallow sides of the brasier bottom mean I get crispy skin and I also put potatoes and vegetables around the chicken.

    They also had the 5.25 quart signature roaster that came with the trivet, but the nonstick V rack didn’t fit in the signature roaster. I can’t remember how much they charged for it.

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