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6.75qt Wide Dutch Oven vs. 5qt Braiser

I have the chance to get a 6.75qt wide dutch oven in a discontinued color I love (coastal blue). However, I already have a 5.25qt deep dutch oven, a 6.75qt oval oven, and a 7.25qt round oven. I’ve been really wanting a 5qt braiser, but haven’t bought one yet due to not seeing a color I’m dying for in that size.

So my question is, do I get the wide Dutch oven and use it like a 5qt braiser or just hold out and wait for a braiser in that size in a color I love? Please let me know your thoughts and the pros/cons. I need to decide tonight since I would be picking it up at my local outlet tomorrow during the FTT sale.

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  1. PapaCoke

    I don’t have a oval oven, but I do have a 7.25 qt round oven and recently purchased the 5 qt braiser. Was hesitant they would overlap usage because I used the round oven for EVERYTHING. But I will say that the two have very distinct differences and usage ability. The 5 qt braiser is WIDE. It feels humongous, and it is, but it’s great for making sauces and for frying in addition to the actual braising use. Love having both.

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