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Advice on crazing…

I have a 3.5 quart Braiser in stone that I haven’t had that many months now. I bought directly from Le Creuset’s website. It is sold out at this moment—I’m not sure if they are actually discontinuing the color. I found the same braiser discounted on Amazon but otherwise, it’s not available anywhere. I noticed recently that the bottom of my braiser has some lines of crazing. Not a ton but some on the edge between the bottom and side on one side. I didn’t do anything that I can think of to cause this (no dramatic temperature shifts, always cooked with something in it, never above medium heat, I only put it in the oven once and let it preheat with the oven). I haven’t had this problem with any of my other pieces and I own quite a bit of le creuset. That being said, I do have a husband who I’ve coached on how to use it but I can’t be 100% sure he didn’t do something inappropriate with it.

I contacted Le Creuset customer service and they said they wouldn’t have me send it in and get a new one unless the crazing developed into a crack in the enamel and that it shouldn’t affect anything.

My question is the longevity. They couldn’t really answer my question on this. Has anyone had crazing that didn’t develop into anything or matter? I’m concerned just because I love the stone color too and they don’t seem to have it so even if I did send it in, I doubt I’ll get that same color back. I have a whole set in Stone so it would suck that that’ll be the odd one out. I’m not sure if I’m better off buying a new stone braiser now from Amazon since it’s discounted and either reselling this one for cheap (will disclose the crazing) or just keeping it and maybe eventually using the warranty even if I get a different color.

Any advice?

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