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Agave vs. Deep Teal

Does anyone have both Agave and Deep Teal that you could snap a picture of? I’m trying to compare.

I’m in the market for a bigger DO, and I’m completely torn between these colors. I was set on Deep Teal, until Agave appeared and now I don’t know what to do.

I have a braiser in Caribbean and a smaller DO in Indigo. I’m wondering if the Agave will end up looking too similar to the Indigo.

It’s just so hard to tell the colors without seeing them in person.

Thanks for any insight or pictures you can share!


  1. BonnieMSM

    I haven’t seen anything in person other than a small sample color lid in agave, but I can’t imagine it looking to similar to Indigo.

  2. Slurpeepanda

    I think I read somewhere that agave is basically a gradient from indigo to teal. I saw this pic is on their instagram a while back, and the pieces are in caribbean, marseille, deal teal, agave, indigo.


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