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Am I using the wrong equipment for the job?

Hi all,

I received the 10 piece non stick set as a gift and my wife and I love it. One thing we know is that the instructions and reviews are adamant on keeping the temp to med to med high at max and letting the cookware heat for a little.

Most of the times, this is no problem, but what about when I need to boil water? For instance, needing to make mac and cheese from a box (i know i know but sometimes you only have a few minutes for lunch). I usually use the non stick sauce pan to boil the water, drain it, and than add in the ingredients. However, with the heat set at medium, the water takes 20-30 minutes to get boiling.

I am using the 3 qt. Toughened Nonstick PRO saucepan.

Appreciate if anyone else has any experience with this?


  1. kakupfer

    I use my sauce pan on power-boil for heating up water for pasta. I think the main point is to avoid heating an empty or dry pan for an extended period of time, that can ruin the finish. I’ve had my set for almost a year now and they’re still in brand-new condition.

  2. Insert_creative

    I believe when the instructions say to only use medium to medium high, its to prevent people from overheating the pan. A non stick pan over high heat with nothing in it or just some oil can actually overheat and damage the coating. For boiling water, the water itself is a giant heat sink. The pan will never overheat when full of water. You can boil on high.

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