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Any insights on the upcoming FTT sale?

According to an earlier post, the next FTT sale may be coming to outlet stores this coming week. I haven’t been able to get a hold of my outlet to verify. Anybody have any more information? Dates? Colors? Discounts? Any online sales? In general all outlets run the same promotions at the same time, so I’d think this sale will run the same way in all stores. Thank you!


  1. Lalahartma

    We want to know!!

  2. Cairo21313

    I saw they were going to have it online as well starting 4/4 I think

  3. BrEdwards1031

    I can’t wait! I really hope its online too, as the closest Outlet is two hours away.

  4. chulzle

    I miss FTT mystery box is so amazing I feel like online one barely had anything.

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