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Any plans for pink to be re-released in the US?

I’ve recently started collecting pink Le Creuset pieces. Unfortunately, the only ways that I can seem to find these now are through second-party sites like Mercari and eBay (and the occasional outlet find). Are there any plans for some sort of pink to be sold again? I’m not sure how frequently colors cycle out, but I’m a bit bummed that it seems like a trickier color to locate!


  1. TableAvailable

    I haven’t heard anything. Keep an eye on the outlets and the online store — they seem to be bringing old colors back periodically.

  2. 1800helpme2

    I echo the outlet comment. I feel like I see pink every 6 months or so there

  3. diodio714

    I’ve seen the ombré pink in outlet. I do have a cherry blossom pink one but I got it in asia.

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