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Anyone familiar with this outlet website?

The site is:

They advertise massive discounts on Le Creuset, which of course makes me immediately skeptical. Has anyone ordered from them and received authentic Le Creuset products before?


  1. TableAvailable

    Huge red flags all over that site. No page description from Google. The prices are unbelievably low.
    And… they state in the FAQ that you will be charged before your order ships.

    Not a chance I would give them access to my credit card.

  2. TableAvailable

    Just to be clear, that site doesn’t even have the correct original prices. Here is the official LC website link for the 11 piece cast iron set (the same one the other site suposedly sells for $98.00)
    [11 piece set](

  3. Scam. There have been many posts like this in the last few days. Im surprised how trusting people are and how easy it is too scam people. People if the price is too good to be true it is a scam!!! $100 for a 8 piece set… come on.. you are asking to be scammed!!!! It’s like they see a good price and all logic goes out the window. Does Le creuset have a place where we can report these sites?? It probably doesn’t matter anyways because another one would just pop up.

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