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Best knob color for cerise?

I’m planning on getting my mom 1 or 2 metal knobs for her birthday since she’s getting a set of Le Creuset from my grandmother.

I’m having trouble visualizing which knob color would look the best for the cerise she’s getting and figured you guys would be the experts! All help is greatly appreciated!


  1. TableAvailable

    Take a look at mom’s taste in jewelery, kitchenware, the doorknobs in your home, etc.

    I’ve seen all the different knobs in cerise, and it really is just a matter of personal taste.

  2. BonnieMSM

    I can only recall seeing Cerise with the silver metal knob. It looked great.

    If your mom puts her pans in the oven the metal is nice. However, I have a couple of metal knobs that I bought for smaller pots I use on the stove. I do not like those metal knobs at all because I then need a potholder or towel to pick up the lid to check inside. I plan to switch those back to my old black knobs. I just wanted to mention this so you can get the appropriate sized knobs for whatever pan you think she will use in the oven the most. And tell her to save the original black knob I case she decides she’d rather have the black knobs since they don’t retain heat and require a potholder.

  3. cris-cris-cris

    I love silver in general (versus gold), so all my cerise DOs have silver knobs. Black also looks beautiful and classy on red. I assume from your question that the pots she is getting are the classic line. If so, you could also buy her the black signature knobs (they withstand higher oven temperatures just like the metal ones). They look very sleek!

  4. Henrydjp

    You really can’t go wrong with either. All of LC’s knobs seem to blend well with all of their colors. I probably wouldn’t go for the black one since it’s not as heat resistant as the metal ones. I will say this since you’re having trouble visualizing this you can easily Google “Cerise Le Creuset Gold Knob” then silver knob, then copper knob. I just did and it there plenty of pics with each color knob.

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