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Bicester Village, UK Berry Exclusive

Bicester Village, UK Berry Exclusive


  1. Colleen297

    Berry is beautiful!

  2. BonnieMSM

    Can you explain the two stores? Is this the same as the pink store (maybe two sides painted differently) it is there an actual pink store that’s separate from this one?

  3. phoenixdate

    I really want something berry! I wish I could find it in the US.

  4. sweetdreamsgirl

    😭😭😭😭😭I so want a berry Dutch oven!

  5. merbunny

    i love the berry, i wish we had some sort of pink in the US! the UK is lucky, they have berry and shell pink 🙁

  6. DanielleL7

    Wow!! So jealous that y’all have those amazing stores and colors

  7. VStarRoman

    I want that pot rack. 🥺

  8. imsrywhut

    The berry was around in the US a few years ago and I’m sure will make another comeback.

  9. wafflenoah

    Look suspiciously similar to the Tattooine limited edition…

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