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Bought a velaze cast iron roaster for 20€ used, was it a bad deal?

Bought the roaster, second hand on amazon, for 20€. It arrived today and looks like new. Its an awesome piece and really heavy. I’m new in that and found out that there are Chinese models which are produced with cheap materials and stuff.
Does someone know these products from “velaze”? Was it a bad deal? Even dangerous? I mean, 20€ is nothing but anyway… just share your opinion with me 🙂
Thanks and sorry, I’m not an English native.


  1. Middle_Name-Danger

    That’s not Le Creuset. The made in China enameled cast iron is typically significantly less durable than European made enameled cast iron. If you’re lucky, you’ll get 5-10 years out of it before it’s chipped too badly to use. If you’re unlucky, it can chip beyond usability after even just the first use. It should be safe to use though, unless you’re consuming the chipping enamel.

    This is a brand specific sub for Le Creuset, you might get more feedback in r/castiron

  2. dealsme15

    This has nothing to do with Le Creuset.

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