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Bought this for $20. Did I goof?

Bought this for $20. Did I goof?


  1. TheToolMan

    I bought this for $20 from someone on Facebook marketplace. It’s a 7.25 quart Dutch oven. I’ve tried everything to get it clean and nothing works. I’ve tried barkeepers friend, boiling baking soda, and scotch brite pads. I can’t get it clean. Any tips?

  2. SamSamSamLHSam

    Was there a lid included?

  3. Henrydjp

    Well it’s entirely up to you based on what you feel makes the most sense but you have to consider the value proposition in ratio to the amount of elbow grease it’s going to take to restore that pot. For me I buy my pots to cook in right away, not necessarily to fix up in order to cook int them. This is why I gave up dealing with raw cast iron. Since last September I’ve purchased 7 enameled cast iron pots from both Staub and Le Creuset because I didn’t want to deal with seasoning and removing old seasoning and re-seasoning to prevent rust. Doing all of that just to prepare meals in them is way too much maintenance. I bought a new 10″ Lodge raw cast iron skillet for making eggs and cornbread, other than that it gets very little use now.

    You can use some yellow cap EasyOFF and fully spray the cream interior of the pot. Sit it in a bag closed up for 24-48 hours to see it will remove that burnt on stuff.

  4. chulzle

    I think this is beyond repair. The black isn’t just organic material or dirt but it’s actually burnt in from improper care. Unfortunately I don’t think this is a deal or something I’d use. You can try yellow cap but I don’t think it’s going to solve the issue.

  5. radar954

    Have you tried Easy Off oven cleaner? I’ve heard that cleans it up well. Might help here

  6. worst case you bought a really fancy fruit bowl or planter. $20 for a really nice piece of decor isn’t bad at all.

  7. jhrogers32

    Honestly even if it is beyond repair, you can flex an say “oh that? Yeah I use it as a flower pot. It was just the perfect size” also nice that 20 is still cheaper than a lot of flower pots anyways

  8. [deleted]


  9. supershinythings

    That depends.

    If the black you see is carbonized or polymerized remains, the pot is still functional and you could try various means to remove it.

    If you cook with it and the black layer stays put, it won’t affect your food. But if the black gunk keeps releasing into the food, you may consider removing it since clearly you’ve figured out a way to bring it up. At minimum you can boil water in it.

    If the black you see is bare cast iron, it’s done. Turn it into a lovely fruit bowl or whatever but don’t cook with it. You don’t want the glass enamel releasing or breaking off into your food.

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