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Cant decide on color: keep the small red braiser or exchange for flame?

Cant decide on color: keep the small red braiser or exchange for flame?


  1. dealsme15

    Are you talking about exchanging the staub braiser?

  2. skquestion

    This is really minor but I cannot stop thinking about it…So my LCs are mostly cerise, which I never intended as I bought each piece on sale. Still, all DOs ended up red, and other 3 pieces: white (not pictured but a skillet), flame saucepan, burgundy Staub braiser. I don’t really have one favorite LC color, if I have to choose, Flame. I was thinking of exchanging my small red new brasier for flame. But then looking at my pieces, I wonder if the 4 piece cerise set, with 1 flame saucepan, looks cleaner / nicer as is?

  3. Slurpeepanda

    Do you expect to add to your collection after this? If so, it might help for you to imagine how you’ll feel if you get more pieces in cerise. Will you feel like the flame saucepan will stand out to you even more? Or, if you get a new piece in flame, will you regret not also have the braiser in flame?

    Personally, I would get the braiser in flame to add a little balance and because I wouldn’t want to feel like I had to keep getting pieces in cerise going forward. But I think either way your pieces will all look nice together.

  4. Artwire

    I love the cerise/cherry. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to a single color and they look amazing on display. I have one blue piece because it was really cheap when I bought it and I wanted a big pot. (Having just one pot in a different color used to bug me but I don’t care anymore, and it does make it easier to tell someone “get the blue pot.” Flame is classic. Can’t go wrong either way; I think most food looks great in either color. I have doubts about the long term appeal of some of the newer colors.

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