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Complimentary colors selection???

Hello all LC fans! I’m on the market for a 5.5 Qt Dutch oven to add to my modest collection and I’m at a loss which color to pick so it would be complimentary but still blend well. Here are my pieces:
– 7.5 qt round DO in Flame
– 3.5 qt sateuse in Marseilles
– 3.5 qt braiser in Caribbean
– 2.5 qt braiser in Indigo (I love this color, it is my absolute favorite so far)

I love all shades of blue and I was originally thinking of Lapis or Cobalt or Deep teal, but that seems too obvious somehow. I would like to add a ‘modern’ color which would marry my Flame pot with the blues. Maybe Sea salt or Ocean?? Would appreciate input and your pictures of colors similar to mine!


  1. CalZeta

    Yellow or green

  2. gretchens

    Nectar for sure.

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