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Delivered today! 3.75QT Signature Oval Braiser! (AGAVE).

Delivered today! 3.75QT Signature Oval Braiser! (AGAVE).


  1. Henrydjp

    WOW Le Creuset keeps getting better! I saw this pot on a Le Creuset YouTube video that Sofia Vergara’s son Manolo demonstrated making a Peewee potatoes recipe. The moment I saw it I instantly wanted this pot. The oval shape is different than the standard oval DO’s. I will be using it mostly for roasted veggie dishes, especially my roasted Brussels Sprouts that I will be making tonight. I thought my last LC purchase (deep sauté pan (Cotton) was my fave but this Signature Oval Braiser is by far my fave of all my enameled pots, and I have Staub as well.

    It was well packaged by Williams Sonoma and not a hint of damage. No scratches or chips and it’s perfectly enameled with no black specs in the pot or inside the lid. It comes with the new Champagne Gold Knob. It’s lighter in color than the traditional gold knob. I just love this pot!!! 😁

    If anyone wants the link to the YouTube video showing this pot here it is. [](

  2. yumsukiyaki

    Pretty 🥰

  3. skquestion

    So exciting to open a Le Creuset box…that’s a beautiful braiser.

  4. BananabunnyReddit

    Thank you for the pics! I’m in 💙love💙 with that agave and champagne knob combination! It’s been hard for me to get an accurate sense of what the agave color *really* looks like (without the usual high exposure studio lighting and white background), so your pics in an IRL setting were very helpful. It’s a interesting color, almost iridescent in a way, that seems to change like a chameleon, depending on lighting and what it’s sitting next to. I don’t think it’s a color you’ll ever get tired of! So beautiful!

    I’ve been looking to buy another Dutch oven, but you might’ve just convinced me that a brasier is really what I need. Love it!

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