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Discontinued Color Woes

I started my (very small) Le Creuset collection with Marine pieces. Now that it’s discontinued, I’m trying to decide what color to pair with it to continue my collection. Have any of you paired Marine with a color that you like? Looking for inspo. Thanks in advance!!


  1. X8xRavenx8X


  2. whatrpeople

    I’d probably go with one of the white or gray color options or if you’re adventurous other blues or nectar

  3. veggiesushiroll

    I personally like marine and oyster together. I would also add in some sea salt and ocean for more of a gradient effect and so that I could continue to buy fun colors!

  4. dealsme15

    Here is a handy picture that shows you various LC blues

    Agave is new so it’s not on there but I love that color if you want to stay in the blue green family.

  5. cassiedanger

    I buy a different color every time I get something new.

  6. Square_Song_5659

    I have Caribbean, Deep Teal, Marseille with a Kiwi and Stone piece thrown in for good measure. I think they all look great together. I’d love to add Agave too!

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