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Do you feel your LC is ever too heavy for daily use?

New to LC but I ordered my first pieces from the FTT sale. I’ve never held one in person so the weight aspect is concerning me while I wait for it. I’ve always used pretty lightweight cookware in the past from what I’m used to and the heaviest was probably a 5lb Anolon pan but that also only has the one handle. I’m also planning on making mostly Indian foods in the LC and hopefully getting comfortable enough to use it as a go to daily pot.

I got the 4.5 qt Dutch oven and for the daily I got the 3.5 qt sauteuse.

Maybe I’m experiencing some buyer’s guilt but can anyone please share any experiences they had with the weight part of it? Thanks!!


  1. vanillacamilla27

    Well when it comes to weight that’s just how it is. People have been using cast iron for hundreds of years as daily use pans. If you use them daily, which you can totally do, after a bit when you use something else it will feel too light.

  2. fireflyfly3

    I have a 4 quart Dutch oven that I use almost daily and I don’t find it too heavy at all. I think my 10” Lodge skillet weighs more. Maybe I’m just used to heavy pans, having grown up with cast iron and cast aluminum.

    I think the weight becomes a problem when attempting to carry a 6 quart (or larger) Dutch oven full of chili.

  3. Middle_Name-Danger

    As far as cast iron goes, LC is relatively light weight. That said, it’s significantly heavier than an equivalent sized piece of aluminum cookware.

    I’m not really cookware-weight sensitive, so it’s never bothered me 🤷‍♂️

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