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Does anyone know what color this is? It has a metallic coppery finish.



  1. extrabigcomfycouch

    I don’tknow, but it’s beautiful!

  2. BananabunnyReddit

    My husband and I bought a “hoarder” home (built in the 80s) about 5 years ago, and it was exhausting sorting through the piles of stuff… but this was one of the cool treasures we found! I happen to have an older copper finish KA stand mixer (20+ years old, not like the newer copper color), and some other copper kitchen items, so it felt like this was meant to be!

    But I can’t find any mention of copper colored enamel Le Creuset Dutch ovens anywhere online. Thinking this must be discontinued, but I’d really love to know the color name. It’s definitely not a brown color— it has a metallic coppery finish and isn’t *quite* as high gloss as other LC enamels I’ve seen. Thanks for your help!

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