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Does anyone receive the free gifts separate of your item?

So I order a new braiser from the Le Creuset website on Monday and to my surprise, the free gift (it’s the three flower cocottes) just randomly showed up at my door with no notification that anything shipped. The braiser hasn’t come yet and isn’t showing that it shipped. Last time I ordered something, it all arrived together and I did get a notice it shipped. Has this happened to anyone else? It’s very strange. I was surprised when I opened the package.


  1. I ordered a DO a few weeks ago and it arrived at the same time as my flower cocottes. It took 2-3 business days to even ship, so that seems odd that they arrived so quickly.

  2. AlarmingDrawing

    That hasn’t happened to me, but I often find that my items show up on my doorstep when the tracking still says “preparing to ship”.

  3. Sheplantsshecooks

    I haven’t goten my cocottes, lol! Ordered a Dutch oven a few weeks ago which arrived on time. No free cocottes, even though I added them to my order 😬

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