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Does anywhere sell non-wooden handles I could replace with to make my saucepans oven safe?

Main question in title. I managed to pick up a vintage le creuset saucepan. The website has a bit of text “the handle allows you to easily carry from hob, to oven, to table” so I assumed it was oven safe. Unfortunately I didn’t look too closely at the heat source section until after I bought it and seen that it was stove top only :(.

Question is, is there such thing (I don’t mind third party) as oven safe handles that I could swap with the wooden ones?


  1. whatrpeople

    Silicone or any comparable material you could touch will not be oven safe.

    I’d recommend heavy duty gloves with silicone coating and just getting normal cast iron/steel

  2. OhGod0fHangovers

    Does the wooden handle come off easily? If so, you could remove it to go in the oven and reattach it.

    I also just read on a website that “each pan features a wooden handle which is oven safe up to 190° C,” that’s 379° F, and tips that say to wrap tin foil or a wet dishcloth around wooden handles to make them oven-safe.

  3. spaghetti0223

    Sounds like an excuse to buy more Le Creuset.

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