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Does the lifetime warranty apply for secondhand pieces?

I just picked up an enamel sauce pan for free off someone’s curb. There’s a few rusted chips on the bottom so was thinking about sending it in for a replacement. Is this allowed if I’m not the original owner?


  1. CalZeta

    No, the warranty is only applicable to the original owner. Many people still try (with varying levels of success) to get them warrantied anyway; personally I think this is shady and ultimately is how companies eventually drop lifetime warranties.

  2. muppetteer

    So, you haven’t even paid any money for it, but you want a new one for free?

  3. Middle_Name-Danger

    Is it allowed? No.

    What if you try anyway? It sounds like the type of damage that’s specifically excluded from the warranty. If you send it in to them, they may offer you a substantial goodwill discount on a new similar item. But they will not send your original back to you.

  4. TableAvailable

    No. It would not be applicable in this situation. Nor would it be ethical.

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