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Dutch Oven Size for a 10-13 lb. Turkey?

Looking at the 8qt oval dutch oven for Turkey and other uses. Who has an 8qt oval and have you made a Turkey in it?

My Turkey size ranges from 10-13 lbs. Does this size require an 8qt or can I get away with it in a 6.75qt?


  1. 21plankton

    The large one that I have is 7.5 qts and is for a goose. They did not have turkeys in France. You can check to see recommended sizes and weights on the LC web site. I used mine for a 5 pound chicken and lots of veggies, basted occasionally, in the oven and covered. After a certain size it is too heavy to get in and out of the oven.

  2. clap_yo_hands

    The “goose pot” is like 15 quarts and it’s oval. When I saw one in real life I was taken aback. I have no idea how people use a cast iron pot that huge.

    I have a 9 quart round that easily holds a small 10 lb turkey. I think it would be ideal to have the 8 quart oval for roasting a turkey. It could also hold two chickens side by side.

  3. poppystitch

    I have an 8 qt oval and did the smallest turkey I could find a few years ago. I would guess it was closer to 10 lbs. It was a snug fit, but got the job done!

  4. fierrce

    I saw The goose pot for the first time yesterday. The thing is huge and heavy! The lecreuset outlet by me currently has it on sale. I believe 40% off but I could be wrong. I saw the price tag and it was $600+

  5. I bought the goose pot at the outlet at 40% off. Looking forward to cooking our thanksgiving turkey in it. Yes, it is huge and big enough to bathe an infant in.

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