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Everything sticking

How tf are you supposed to use the le creuset fryingpans. Everything keeps sticking unless im at such a low temp that nothing cooks. Thanks


  1. VStarRoman

    Are you using their cast iron or the toughened non-stick? Are you still utilizing an oil/fat when frying?

  2. TableAvailable

    I have both the Toughened Nonstick Pro and the Signature skillet (matte black enamel).
    I use a similar method for either. Preheat the empty pan at medium (it takes longer for the enameled), when the pan is preheated, add fat. Lower the heat to medium-low. When the butter is melted or the oil shimmers, add food. Do not move the food until it releases naturally.

    Sticking happens if the pan is too hot out there is no fat.

  3. will1021

    Put a bit of oil or whatever fat you’re using in, use low heat…like with a 1-10 knob on the stove for, for eggs I’d put it to maybe 3, heat for 5 to 10 minutes, then add and cook eggs.

    Meats should be higher heat like…5 to 6 on the same scale. Probably max of 7. Just make sure you’ve got some fat in there and preheat again 5 to 10 minutes till just before smoke point and it will work exactly like bare cast iron

    Also I would really advise against dry preheat like another poster mentioned. That can cause the enamel to heat unevenly and break away from the iron destroying the skillet.

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