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Favorite Color Combo?

I have some pieces in cerise, marseille, and oyster. How I got these colors were somewhat random and not my first picks, but they’ll do. I want to get a braiser, but I’m struggling with which color to get. I can get a cerise, but it’s not my favorite. I can get the oyster to match with my other piece. Or, I can get an artichoke one and add more colors to the rainbow.
I mostly like things to match, which is why I’m more inclined to go for the oyster, but I love the artichoke. What do you recommend? Anyways, I know it’s mostly based on personal preference, but I’m interested in discussing what you all think! 😋😋


  1. dealsme15

    What size braiser, the 3.5 quart or 5-quart?

  2. PotatoLover-3000

    If you don’t have any artichaut and like green. I recommend it. It’s beautiful. I just got a round wide dutch oven in it. However, I also don’t think you can go wrong with sticking with what you have. But since they were not your first picks, maybe this time get something you like?

    Personally I love artichaut, fig, oyster and agave. I also have some palm, marseille, deep teal, and Caribbean. I got a outlet piece a week or two ago that I think is Rosemary. I’ve stuck to the greens, blues and greys so far. I love nectar and may have to get something in that. My kitchen is all different colors so that works for me.

  3. whatrpeople

    I’d probably go for an oyster- if you really don’t like the cerise you can always replace it at some point or honestly probably swap with some of the exchange services people have going on now

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