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Finally Le Creuset 5 qt Braiser in white’

Finally Le Creuset 5 qt Braiser in white’


  1. starzzzzzz74

    After over a year trying to find and figure out how to purchase the Le Creuset 5qt braiser it has finally arrived! Unfortunately, not available in Australia (where instead Le Creuset Australia generally treats the market with contempt and thinks we only need the smaller 3.5 qt and that we should pay world leading prices) so went down the route of a parcel forwarding service from the US.

    The white enamel finish (“Blanc shiny white”) on this is amazing. I wanted the white because I want the meals to ‘pop’ when presented, and I think white does that the best. The white also gives me the vibe of my favourite 80s show Miami Vice – white linens suits, white sports cars, white b…😳 I could see Sonny Crockett or Ricardo Tubbs cooking up a Caribbean Seafood of something

    I purchased the gold knob but I am now thinking the original silver works well.

    Look forward to posting future pics

  2. iloveminipoodle

    Gorgeous! I love white as well. I have a white buffet casserole (basically a braiser with a glass lid instead). Love it very much!

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