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First Le Creuset piece: Stone Sauteuse! Is this normal?

First Le Creuset piece: Stone Sauteuse! Is this normal?


  1. corgidot

    Hey Le Creuset fam! I’m super excited to get this piece but I noticed that there are some chips on the lip already (just came in the mail today). Is this normal? Also the edge of the lid is unfinished. Is that normal too? I’m a little worried since it got chipped just from shipping. I wasn’t expecting to have to baby this and wanted input to see if this is expected or if I should exchange. Thanks!!

  2. AlarmingDrawing

    This is fairly normal, unfortunately.

  3. videopro10

    Some are worse than others and that’s one of the worse ones but it’s normal.

  4. Middle_Name-Danger

    Looks normal to me. If you pick at the dark spot with your fingernail, does it feel like a chip, or is it the same slightly rough texture as the rest of the rim? It’s normal for the rim to have an uneven finish.

  5. plmzaq92

    That’s a lot worse than other posts I’ve seen. I’d personally ask for an exchange

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