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First Time Cooking Beef 🥩 Cheeks In My New 5.5 Quart 10.25 inch Flame 🔥 DO (5.3 Liter 26 cm Volcanic)

First Time Cooking Beef 🥩 Cheeks In My New 5.5 Quart 10.25 inch Flame 🔥 DO (5.3 Liter 26 cm Volcanic)

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  1. One_Pot_Man

    This is my 3rd LC DO. (I realize I might have a problem… lol)

    The DOs I have been using before this one are:

    3.5 quart Sauteuse 9.5 inches (24 cm)

    9 quart 11.75 inches (30 cm)

    I love them both.

    The 3.5 quart Sauteuse has the same diameter as the 4.5 quart DO but lower sides.

    It heats up very quick and it is very useful for storage in the fridge.

    We make bread, rice, vegetable dishes,lower quantity soups and I have even made stir fries in it.

    But for anything substantial in quantity it is not enough.

    This is where the Big Boy comes. 9 quarts 11.75 inches.

    I can place a whole chicken in it and have space around it for vegetables.

    I have made big saucy dishes that can feed a crowd.

    However it is a bit difficult to wash (it fills up my whole sink) and forget storing it in the fridge.

    And in cases like the one here I had a little less than 2lbs of beef cheeks and getting the Big One did bit make any sense and the Little One was tasked with baking bread.

    So I finally wanted to try the Middle One

    It was Perfect! I even had a little bit of space around the meat so it can comfortably accommodate around 2 lbs of meat. (And if I had used the Big One I would have needed much more liquid to cover the meat and vegetables)

    I wasn’t planning to buy a 3rd DO burn this one was -50% at Amazon Italy and I bought it 15 minutes before the end of 2020! Lol

    I wanted to say goodbye to 2020 with something nice. (Or that is my excuse lol)

    I got it for 150 Euros and it cost me 20 Euro for delivery to Bulgaria.

    I haven’t seen such an offer on since, so you can keep looking and sometimes there are such gems 💎🙂

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