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Frying pans?

Which is the best frying pan set (I need a small and a medium) Calphalon or LeCreuset? Any recommendation on any set that I can buy right now? Thanks for your recommendations
Edit: non stick pans would be my preference


  1. Soda444

    The larger question here is whether you want a pan that will retain heat or one that will heat fast and shed heat fast.

    While I do own a couple of LC pans, I believe that conventional cast iron is a superior and substantially cheaper option if you need pans that retain heat. If your looking for something lighter weight, though, you might be better off with a pan made from a lighter weight material.

  2. cheefkingdom13

    I bought LC non-stick pans this weekend and I’m very happy with them. They were 40% off as apart of a big sale going on right now. They have a lifetime warranty. The 8” is perfect for eggs.

  3. CalZeta

    If you’re looking for non stick, your best bet is going to a restaurant supply store and getting something hearty but cheap.

    Even when it’s babied, non-stick will last 5-10 years; significantly shorter than that if you aren’t careful. There’s no point spending big bucks on something that will eventually fail. On the other hand, stainless, cast iron, etc will last a lifetime; I’m happy to spend the money on an heirloom piece. Non-stick does not fit in that category.

  4. librarykerri

    I would not spend LC money on nonstick. They usually have a limited lifespan, no matter how much you’ve spent on them, and need to be replaced every 3 years or so. My stainless cookware is Calphalon, and I love it. I have a couple of Calphalon nonstick skillets for eggs and such, though, and they will need to be replaced in the next couple years (they are 3 years old right now). I wouldn’t go with super cheap Walmart pans, but definitely wouldn’t spend more than $30-$40 for a large nonstick pan.

  5. Bawalou

    I own several Le Creuset pans, including the toughened nonstick pro. I recently bought their nonstick stainless steel fry pan to compare to the regular nonstick and they are amazing ! They are clearly my favorite nonstick pan: don’t stick at all, very easy to clean, heat up super fast and heat conduction is awesome. The regular one is already very good but the stainless steel non stick is at another level !

    This is the set I have:

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