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FTT sale… is it worth it?

I went to the outlet over the weekend and was told about an upcoming factory to table sale (FTT) on April 1st. I am a newbie and am still figuring out which items I’d like to purchase first and also finding the best price.

I’m hoping to buy a either a 2.25 braiser or a
3.5 braiser and also a 4.5 round Dutch oven or a 5.5 round Dutch oven. I haven’t decided on sizes yet.

Will I be able to find these items at a good deal during this sale and what is considered a great deal for each of these items?

Anything else I should consider purchasing at this sale that normally wouldn’t be on sale?


  1. I have had good luck with FTT in the past. This is the way to get a really good deal on CI LC items.

  2. Sbemail



    It’s up to you.

    That depends on what you need.

  3. reddit_wjw

    I just called my branch and she didn’t know the date. She said next month sometime and they’d send updates via email. I asked if there was mystery boxes and she said no. I asked if there is registration and she said no, there’s no line either, just walk right in.

  4. Artwire

    Recommend the 2.25 brasier for ease of handling (serves 2-3) or the 3.5 if you are cooking for a larger crowd. The extra space will come in handy for browning and there’s more room for adding liquids, but if you’re also getting a Dutch oven, you may not need the large, heavier braiser too. The lid weighs a ton. I went with the medium (2.25) and haven’t regretted it — the bottom part fits in my countertop convection oven, so I can roast in it, too.

  5. choosie1

    So…. is the FTT sale only in the outlets? Also, will there be signature pieces or just classic?

  6. public_strain

    Bought an oval 6 3/4 qt DO in Juniper during the last FTT sale. Paid $230 & that size typically retails for $385. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase! We use it every week.

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