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Got a grill an second hand and the previous owner didn’t clean after use. How do you clean without damaging the enamel?




  1. Middle_Name-Danger

    The enamel is pretty tough. As long as you aren’t using metal on it, thermal shocking it, or banging things on it, you probably won’t damage it.

    How clean do you want it? If you’re the type to want a spotlessly clean interior, I’m sorry to say, I don’t think the grill pan is the best choice for you.

    EasyOff Heavy Duty is what I’d use to totally strip the old residue off the enamel. Be careful and wear gloves, it will burn you if you get it on your skin.

    For normal cleaning between use, give a stout scrubbing with a nylon brush or dobie sponge and use some dish soap. Anything residue that survives that treatment is called “patina” and deserves to stay on the pan.

    If you insist on getting the pan cleaner than dish soap alone will allow, I suggest using bar keepers friend soft cleanser.

  2. muppetteer

    The grill pans are a nightmare to clean. There’s a reason the previous owner didn’t clean it that well, because its just really difficult. Mine is relegated to the “never to use again cupboard”.

  3. TableAvailable

    I used my Le Creuset Grill pan brush for the first time last night and it made a huge difference.

    I soaked the grill with hot water, baking soda and dish soap for an hour after dinner. Then I rinsed and scrubbed with more baking soda and dish soap using the brush. I rinsed and it was clean.

    Edit: Dawn PowerWash is also helpful (I have been using that on the tough stuff lately)

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