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Have a Staub Cocotte. Any reason to buy a LC DO?

Have a Staub Cocotte. Any reason to buy a LC DO?


  1. yamaha92

    Btw its a 4qt cocotte

  2. Nabi888

    I have both but I prefer LC because the inside is light colored. I don’t use my Staub often because the inside is black- I can’t tell if I’m burning my food.

  3. Quinocco

    No. They are equivalent. I prefer LC’s bright colours, colour gradients and rounded shapes.

  4. SigynsMom

    I own both brands in many sizes. My go to is the LC. Handles are more comfortable, colour means it’s easier to see what’s going on, lid is WAY easier to clean.

  5. VStarRoman

    To be honest, it really depends on what you’re looking for as they’re both good brands. If you are not in need of another pot or something bigger or smaller, no, don’t buy another similar piece.

    If, however, you do need another pot of similar size or something larger or smaller, then choose based on the following:
    1. Dark or light color interior enamel to your piece. Light color enamel make it a bit easier to discern different stages of browning and identifying areas that need cleaning. Staub’s interior will brown more efficiently.
    2. Which lid design you like better? Staub has the nubs on the underside of the lid to redirect the moisture back to your dish and it is more fitted.
    3. Which handles do you like best? If you’re wearing oven mitts, be sure to get one that you can comfortably grab with oven mitts on.
    4. Aesthetics regarding coloring. Do you like the more solid coloring of Staub or the variegated coloring of many of Le Creuset’s pieces? Le Creuset also has more color options.
    5. Weight. Staub is generally a heavier choice than Le Creuset. Remember that these pots are expected to be with you into old age. Will a lighter pot be more advantageous to you when you are older?

    All in all, get what works best for you.

  6. BeneficialBean

    No, unless you find something you visually like, in another useful size and with a very good price. I started my cast iron journey with LC but have since converted to Staubism. I prefer the black inside enamel.

  7. Middle_Name-Danger

    Only if you’re buying a different size or if having a light interior in very important to you

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