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Help: Deciding Between Braiser and Sauteuse

Hi, hope you’re well!

I recently upgraded to a LC Skillet (10.25, in Caribbean) and I am in love, love, love. I no longer have my LC DO because my new kitchen is so-so-so-so tiny, and when choosing between that and my IP, the IP won. However, the giant non-stick sauté pan I’ve been using for just about everything has started peeling, which I am using as justification to make a new purchase!

I know neither the Braiser nor the Sautese are a sauté pan, but my understanding is that each are versatile enough that I could do most of what I make in them (and given that I have very little space, multi functionality is best!). I make a lot of curries, roux-type dishes for chicken and veggies, saucey veggie and meat one-pot/pan meals. I’m also a big fan of hearty soups, but I don’t know that either of these have the sizing for that (which is fine, I usually use my IP for slow cooking those or my larger calphalon pot).

Given that info, which of those would you recommend? Or am I missing something entirely that would be a better fit?

I appreciate your time!


  1. BonnieMSM

    I use my braiser almost every time I cook dinner. I use it so much I want a second one because I often find myself washing it to use it a second time in the same cooking session. I use it for sautéing veggies all the time. It’s that perfect pan. If I was told I could only have one pan, this would be it, no question.

  2. Henrydjp

    ***”I know neither the Braiser nor the Sautese are a sauté pan”***

    Perhaps not by name but I use LC Braiser to sauté veggies more than any other pot in my kitchen. It’s overall flat wide surface makes it double as a shallow fryer so it’s absolutely ideal for sautéing.

  3. dealsme15

    The 3.5 quart braiser functions pretty darn well as a 12-inch saute pan. I would for sure get that. If you are planning on mostly using it on the stovetop, you might want to get it with the glass lid , it cost a lot less but of course you don’t get the cast iron lid.

    Sur la table has it for 170 in both cerise and artichoke colors.

  4. ashmorekale

    I use my braiser as my main cooking pan- I do curries, cook vegetables, cook moussaka in it, bake vegetables in it, make pasta sauces, it’s so versatile. I would choose it if I could only have one pan

  5. If I were you I would buy the 6.75 shallow round DO. It’s halfway between a DO and a braiser. I love my braiser but the shallower sides make it harder to make things like soup in it. If you can only have one that’s what I would get.

  6. vulturegurgle

    Since I primarily cook on the stove, I bought the Le Creuset Buffet Casserole, which is the braiser with a glass lid. It’s ~$170 at Sur La Table and Williams Sonoma. I essentially use it as a 12-inch skillet and use it almost every day. I never bake with the lid on, but the glass lid is oven safe up to 425*F.

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