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I see so many used LCs for sale with huge chips inside… how does that even happen? What are these people doing to their pots??

I feel like it would take a lot of effort to damage it that much. The enamel is pretty tough. Have any of you chipped the internal enamel, and if so how did it happen? Chips on the outside I understand a bit more if you accidentally knock it against a hard countertop or something. But the inside…. how???


  1. rugbycanuck6

    Have kids…teach them to do dishes…and suddenly your LCs will have chips inside! The odd thing, nobody knows how it happened and it wasnt them but likely another sibling. Its mysterious but the chips just magically appear.

  2. BeneficialBean

    Thermal shock.

  3. 1800helpme2

    I have a chip in one from dropping it on a tile floor. I think it hit and shocked the edge of the pot just right.

  4. misterbonger

    I chipped mine shortly after buying it. I can’t remember what I was cooking but when I was finished I placed the pan on the burner I had forgotten to turn off. After about an hour I grabbed the pan and immediately placed it in cold water. I am pretty sure that did it, because when I started cleaning it up, it started to chip. Nothing serious — I still use it and it hasn’t chipped since — but it did chip.

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