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I too have been blessed by the gods of TJ Maxx!!!

I too have been blessed by the gods of TJ Maxx!!!


  1. YukiHase

    I’ve been looking for 2 years for an affordable DO in my favorite color.. and I found it! $170 just like how other people have found it. This one has small bubbles on one side but to me that doesn’t matter. I want to also get a steel knob. (Can someone tell me what size I need? Large?) The color perfectly matches my VW Beetle! I’m so happy.

  2. TableAvailable

    Probably a large. I have a large on my 5.5.
    Large fits round from 4.5 quart and up
    Medium fits round 2 to 3.5.

  3. Dry-Ad-2551

    Beautiful color !

  4. 9021Ohsnap

    LUCKY!!! That color is beautiful!!

  5. pagingdrdisco

    how much if you do not mind me asking

  6. kaldoranz

    Shit, I’m going to have to start frequenting TJ Maxx. When I show up weekly and not buy anything, they’re going to think I’m a stalker (I’m a guy by the way)

  7. eden-sunset

    Wooooo I got the same one last week! Such a good deal for 5.5 qt. I also like the sky blue color so much more than anything on the official Le Creuset website.

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