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Is anyone ordering the TSV Cassadou with the glass lid from QVC?

I’ve decided not to order it because I have a Staub 4 qt round Dutch oven and I don’t care for the long handle it doesn’t provide any benefit on my induction stove top.

Just curious if anyone else is going to get the TSV.

If you have the 2.25 quart braiser, it’s 26cm cast iron lid will fit the cassadou so I think it would be a good choice if you already have the 2.25qt braiser.


  1. AlarmingDrawing

    I just got the sauteuse for the same price so no need for me to add this to my collection. Plus, not a fan of long handles.

  2. 99Sienna

    I was just looking at it. Given what I already have, the only value for me would to be to have the clear lid. It was interesting to see it though; it brought it alive in a new way for me. Loved seeing all the colors too.

    Now if it had had those double pour spouts, I might very well have gotten one.

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