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Is the griddle pan worth it

So I just got a purple griddle pan in the sales. Getting mixed reviews online. Some people say it’s really hard to clean and others say they never use it. Just wondered if any of you have one and your experiences or what you enjoy making with it


  1. I have one and use it regularly. I love it for getting sear marks.

  2. BonnieMSM

    I have a square grill pan and only use it for paninis (with the press) because I hate to clean it. Others say it’s easy to clean. I say they’re crazy. They say I am.

    Either way, I’m glad I have the pan because I love collecting the stuff. I’m not buying anymore grill pans, though.

  3. jackherer

    I have the square one and it’s the only pan I NEVER use. Just not worth the effort to clean. My grill is 15 feet from my stove on my deck. I can clean anything in the kitchen without much effort and think that nothing in the kitchen is a big deal to clean, but that pan… scares me. Even soaking overnight doesn’t loosen the shit that gets baked into the corners. Just not worth the hassle for me. It looks fab hanging from my ceiling rack tho!

  4. That-guy122

    I have one and use it for mainly doing chicken dishes that I do on the griddle like coq au vin and such

  5. TableAvailable

    Griddle or grill pan?
    A griddle is flat and shouldn’t be difficult to clean.
    The grill pan has raised ridges and is honestly a pita to clean. I finally got a brush for it and next time I’ll try the brush with Dawn PowerWash for cleaning.

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