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is there any way to tell if a le Creuset DO is seconds without the seconds sticker?

I was lucky and bought a le Creuset DO at a discount and it had a “seconds” sticker on it. I was wanting to gift this as a wedding present to a friend, but I don’t want them to know it’s a seconds lol. is it possible to tell? Thanks!


  1. BeneficialBean

    Does it have a visible flaw?

  2. skquestion

    You can’t tell from the piece, without a visible flaw, but for a present I would think you need a box, which all LC DOs come in, so check if the box says “second.” Sometimes the outlet “seconds” come in a box that says second, not on a sticker but on the box itself.

  3. Calhuge

    I believe seconds have different handles. They are plastic as opposed to the metal ones.

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