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Is this a good choice?

Is this a good choice?


  1. X8xRavenx8X

    Judging by the handles, it’s not a modern piece. That, plus the marks, unless it was very cheap, I would look for a better piece. Personally. When I buy second hand I am very picky, because there are so many second hand pieces. No rush to buy something you aren’t certain you can even use safely.

  2. dealsme15

    If it’s not cheap definitely pass on that. I can’t even tell you if it’s authentic from those pictures and you can’t tell whether those are chips in the enamel or not. Big pass on that one.

  3. chulzle

    I would pass, it’s vintage and has been used for many years. If it’s not cheap I would get from an outlet instead

  4. Kitchen-Assistant-80

    Thank you for your wise advice. The case is, at least in my country (spain) I dont see so much second hand. Where are you looking for them?
    I’ll definetely pass on this one and will keep on looking. I love VINTAGE LC by the way. I would even say I prefer vintage to new, if in good condition!

  5. splooge_spaghetti

    60s-70s but that’s garbage. The enamels been worn through

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