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Is this a “No-Name Knock Off”?

Is this a “No-Name Knock Off”?


  1. Haf-Ased

    This is from my grandmothers small collection. The rest of her pans have a stamp. This one does not. Thanks for the help!

  2. muppetteer

    There’s been loads of French cookware brands through the years. Chasseur, Staub, Crane, Emile Henry who are all still going and there’s still a few who produce cast iron stuff. And there’s loads that have been and gone. Your pan could be from any of them. They would have produced hundreds of different product lines through the years. between them all. Just because it’s French enamelled cast iron doesn’t mean it’s knock off Le Creuset. There were lots of other manufacturers producing similar products, it was quite the fashion before Teflon came.

  3. geetarqueen

    what happens if you have a crack in it? one of my baking pans has a crack in it.

  4. chulzle

    This is not LC and not a fake just not LC

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