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Is this an authentic Le Creuset?

Is this an authentic Le Creuset?


  1. JimEdwardoRamos

    I bought this on Ebay for £90. It looks authentic to me, but I wanted to ask if any of you experienced collectors could tell me whether you think it’s an authentic LC or not?

    Thank you!

  2. muppetteer

    There’s no such thing as fake Le Creuset.
    Just as an aside point, there’s a little bit of critical thinking you might want to try? In order to fake Le Creuset cast iron you’d need to build a cast iron foundry. Then spend years perfecting the art of casting iron pots from sand molds. It’s not easy. Next, you’d need to perfect the enamelling. This would take considerable investment both in time and money. It’s handmade, it’s incredibly difficult and prohibitively expensive to fake. In order to make this anywhere profitable, you’d need to sell an incredible amount of product. If this were the case, they’d be hundreds of thousands of fakes. They’d be everywhere, and there would be hundreds and hundreds of posts on here with fake Le Creuset. And there aren’t. In fact there’s none. Not one person here has ever seen, held, photographed or bought fake Le Creuset. There’s lots of claims, but all of them turn out to be rubbish.
    That somebody would invest millions of £££s, and years of effort from hundreds of people to fake one Le Creuset pot to sell to you, doesn’t really make sense. Even the price of the product new from Le Creuset doesn’t provide enough competitive margin to make it worth faking. Fake stuff is usually things that are dirt cheap to make with a massive profit margin. Le Creuset isn’t either.

  3. BeneficialBean

    It’s real but not that cheap. There’s rust on the lid? I hope you’ll get it off.

  4. Grapesarelilballoons

    It looks authentic and vintage maybe? Just make sure the enamel isn’t cracked once you receive it 😊

  5. TableAvailable

    Yes, it’s from the Classic line.
    It’s also filthy. Give it an oven cleaner bath and hopefully there aren’t any chips on the cooking surface.

  6. twolephants

    Real for sure – I have one just like it.

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