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Is this pot I found fake, vintage, or what?

Is this pot I found fake, vintage, or what?


  1. cinnasage

    Found this pot labeled “Le Creuset” in our back alley. Took it home to clean and the inside doesn’t appear to be enamel. The lid has a different style handle than is used now, and it’s definitely some type of cast iron situation. It’s labeled “B” (which seems to mean it’s a 2-quart pot?) on the bottom and inside the lid. Is it some type of fake, or is it an antique with the enamel totally burned out? Is that even possible? Is it worth saving, or is it just junk?

    ETA: The photos don’t seem to be loading, here are links:


  2. antonymus1911

    I don’t know why everyone on this sub only talks about fake le creuset cookware? The effort you would have to go to to make a pot that looks and feels identical to a LC basically means you just have to make a real LC pot. Sure, some fakes will exist, but it’s not common at all. Btw this pot can just be ruined, I don’t know what happened but if the entire inside layer is burned or scraped off, this is pretty worthless. Sometimes there’s a reason why people throw things away, and a second-hand LC is not always worth buying, especially in this condition.

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