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Is this restorable?

Is this restorable?


  1. dealsme15

    I would start with baking soda and hot water, simmering on the stove on low for a little while then let it sit. Then wash it, then use some liquid Bar Keepers Friend. After that any residual can be removed with yellow cap Easy-Off oven cleaner, spray it put it in a garbage bag and leave it somewhere warm preferably for at least 4 hours. Then wash it off.

  2. CalZeta

    Tough to say without better pics. That being said, if the enamel is not chipped or cracked, almost certainly.

    Get some yellow cap Easy Off and apply that to the whole thing, put in a plastic trash bag, and let sit for a day or three. Should eat away the built up gunk.

  3. RedditBeginAgain

    Maybe. Depends if under the burned on gunk the interior enamel is intact. No way to find out without cleaning that off. The burning incident or previous cleaning attempts may have wrecked it but it’s definitely worth a try.

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