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LC on Amazon

Has anyone had issues with buying LC on Amazon? (US) I typically only order more expensive cookware from surlatable or Williams Sonoma due to the ability to return etc and generally good customer service. I had two gift cards that I was tired of looking at so I ordered an extra wide DO/risotto pot from Amazon, not a third party. Strangely, Amazon delivered it in the original orange box, no additional packaging for protection so the box was beat up but surprisingly no damage. I was happy and then I started getting worried because I just saw another post about fake LC. I know a beat up box doesn’t necessarily mean anything but if someone could help ease my mind. I did compare it to my other DOs and it appears similar. [images](


  1. imnewhere19

    Was this “shipped and sold by Amazon”? Obviously they aren’t the only legit sellers on Amazon but when I’m worried about authenticity, I always stick to that seller

  2. TheRealFiremonkey

    I bought a smaller DO from Amazon (direct – it was a treasure truck item) and no issues. I think you’re fine. The picture you posted looks legit.

  3. HipHopSays

    I purchased my mom a DO through Amazon – if I remember correctly LC has a dedicated ‘store’ on Amazon. I purchased through the LC store so was confident it was legit.

  4. Square_Song_5659

    I’ve purchased most of my LC pieces from Amazon. Sometimes they’ll have a good sale (discount on 3 pieces, etc). All have been great!

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