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Lecreuset cast iron pan and skillet – questions/help

hi all,

8 months ago my partner and I bought the lecreuset set of pan and skillet.

we had some lodge cast iron pans and skillets we used for years. the lodge pans and skillets developed a patina, but you were still able to scrub them clean to the point where it did not look like they had food remnants on them.

for the love of god I can’t seem to get the lecreuset cast iron skillet and pan clean. we dont use them that often. however whenever we use them, food sticks to them like no other. they seem to get much hotter than the lodge cast iron products, and sear food. that part of them is amazing. I understand that food can stick to them more because they get hotter. but it is literally impossible to clean them – not clean the patina – just clean them so there are no food particles on them. I have spent 2 hours with a sponge going at them and still not clean.

I started using a plastic bristled hand brush and soap. it seems to do a good job and I think its soft enough to protect the cast iron.

I wouldn’t have thought they pan and skillet have a coating or film – but when I clean them, little (very short hair like in size) rubber flecks remain. I can wipe them off with my fingers and they come off. but I wonder what those are. are they even smaller food particles still sticking to the pan?? it almost seems to me like a coating, or film, is slowly coming off of the pan/skillet.

just curious if anyone else has had similar issues with these products, or can give me any advice. emailing lecreuset support is just a pain in the ass. ill get to it again eventually, but after describing the issue in detail. they needed me to create a ticket in their system and upload photographs etc.

thanks for any advice you can offer.


  1. Owlatmydoor

    Do you soak them at all? As soon as my pans or skillets have cooled down after use, I give them a good soak in warm, soapy water. Then cleaning them is fairly easy. If there are any really stubborn particles, I use a bamboo scrub brush.

  2. TableAvailable

    Enameled cast iron pan and skillet?

    First clean them up. Cover the surface with baking soda, add a squirt of dish soap, and fill with the hottest water you can get. Let soak until it has cooled completely. Empty. Add more baking soda and dish soap and scrub with a nonstick safe scrubby sponge or a nylon bristle brush and the hottest water you can tolerate.
    You may need to repeat.

    Alternatively, spray the dry pan with Dawn PowerWash and let sit 3-5 minutes then scrub with wet nonstick safe scrubby sponge or nylon bristle brush. Rinse. Repeat if necessary.

    If necessary, you can use Heavy-duty EasyOff oven cleaner or the equivalent. Follow the can instructions for safety.

    After cleaning, preheat the pan over medium heat until hot, then add fat and allow to get hot prior to adding food. Don’t move the food until the pan releases it. Cook on lower heat vs. Higher heat.

    Good luck.

  3. parkerluna

    Maybe include a photo? That would help me understand, and offer help.

  4. There are pretty detailed care instructions in the booklet that comes with the cookware as well as on the company website. Not sure if you’re too lazy to bother with those, but it is the best place to start.

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