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Looking for some recommendations and experience!

We just got a 7-1/4 qt round Dutch oven. All of our other cookware is 6+ years old and lots of scratches, and limitations as it was just a generic set from our wedding. I’d like to add a few more LC pieces. We cook for 2 generally. Would you recommend a braiser or skillet as a good everyday piece to compliment the DO? I was originally thinking all clad but SS scares me a bit with keeping it clean.


  1. Middle_Name-Danger

    For your next LC piece, perhaps you should consider a smaller Dutch oven/cocotte. I’m partial to the 2qt heart cocotte.

    I think a 12 inch AllClad D3 Fry Pan is such a great piece of cookware to have, it is my most used piece by far, I probably use it at least daily.

    It’s no harder to clean than enameled cast iron, in fact, it’s easier because you can use harsher abrasives on it, such as a scotchbrite pad, without worrying about damaging it. I usually hand wash, but for tougher messes or if there’s room in my dishwasher, I’ll toss it in the dishwasher. If you use the right detergent and rinse aid, it comes out sparkling.

  2. Artwire

    The Lc braiser is one of my most-used pieces. It can double as a sauté “everything” pan. I don’t think the skillet is worth it, nor do I think the tiny cocotte is particularly useful. If you’re cooking, you might as well have leftovers. I find a 4 qt-5 qt very useful as well, and generally save the 7 qt for larger cooking projects, soup&stew, or for when the dish requires larger surface area to brown meat, veggies, etc. fwiw, I rarely use my stainless.

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