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My fav LC colour – Ultraviolet 🌂

My fav LC colour – Ultraviolet 🌂


  1. Mine, too. So much so that, after an extensive search online, I finally found a small cookware shop in the UK willing to ship my desired piece in this color to me here in Spain. I really hate that continents/countries only get certain colors. I mean, the vast selection that Asia has is incredible. Beautiful balti, btw. Happy cooking!

  2. blackcatspurplewalls

    It’s gorgeous! I love my purple LC also and can’t understand why the purple releases are so short-lived and none of them are part of the standard color line.

  3. HamsGamsandYams

    I have a small balti and want the larger one so badly! I don’t need it but I want it!

  4. varkona

    Damn that’s gorgeous!

  5. corkyrooroo

    I wish they’d bring UV to the US. I had a piece available in one of FTTs online but I didn’t have the money at the time for another piece.

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