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My Humble Collection

I’m rearranging my cabinets and thought I’d snap a family photo. I have just a few pieces and love them all. I bought metal knobs so I can bake bread…that bread is still waiting.

I want a round 7.25 DO and then I’ll be at pot peace. (If there is such a thing.)

[Meet the Family](


  1. BonnieMSM

    Your collection is lovely! For colors—Kiwi, Palm, Cool Mint, and Caribbean? I have no clue on the pink ones, but they are fun too.

    If I’m right on the cool mint, I’m happy to see how great they look together. My daughter had cool mint, and someday she will inherit a kitchen full of kiwi and palm as well. She better have a huge kitchen by then. <checks possible inheritance to ensure she can build a bigger kitchen>

  2. gobblegobbleultimate

    Why do you have the same kitchen as the previous poster? Are you sure you’re not a fake Le Creuset advertising account?

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