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Need help deciding for models available in Australia

Still umming and ahhing about which one to get as my first and probably last Le Creuset purchase. They are $500AUDish (have 25% off at Myer atm) so can’t get both unfortunately. I thought the Round Wide Dutch Oven would be good as it’s inbetween like a shorter Dutch Oven that could still do liquids only to realise this isn’t available in Australia. So between the Round Dutch Oven 24cm and Low Casserole (From what I can gather this is the Braiser in US) I still can’t decide. Also only the signature collection in available here in Aus.

I am pescatarian so I mainly would be stir frying veggies and making curries/pasta sauces for one person. The Low Casserole/Braiser would be better for this but also I wouldn’t really be searing meat seeing as no red meat/poultry and I only eat fish maybe once a month. And I already have a GreenPan that I use for these purposes. I do imagine I can use the Dutch Oven for boiling and soup but wouldn’t be my main purpose so IDK HELP ME PLEASEEE!





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