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Need some advice

My grandma has one of these types of pots, while the cousins where over, one of the toddlers put a plastic, wind up tortch in the pot and then, my grandma, not knowing there was a torch in it, put it in the aga and now she is unable to get the plastic off, does anyone have sone advise?


  1. SigynsMom

    Iā€™m so incredibly sorry, that sucks. But if this was me, itā€™d be time for a new pot.
    Plastic is just not something Iā€™m willing to take risks with.

  2. Silmeri

    Hello, for stains LeCreuset has a post on YouTube about boiling baking soda with water for about 8 minutes. Baking soda is practically magic – you can try something less aggressive like that trick and see if the reaction will lift the plastic.

    Iā€™m so sorry this happened šŸ˜ž I hope you can salvage it.

  3. TableAvailable

    This is the cleaner I use on my glass cooktop. I’ve used it to remove melted plastic (use a wooden or plastic scraper, a fingernail and a nonstick safe scrubby sponge to help it along). Afterwards, give it a good soap and water washing.
    [weiman cooktop cleaner](

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